Lewis Genetics | Pressure
We are located just north of Cedar Rapids, IA, off of I-380. The farm is always open to visitors - give us a call.
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Pressure got his name, as he was growing up here.   I said the pressure is on for me to make pigs longer necked, perfect rear legged and not give up the “power extras” that I so desire in my pigs.  He still has a big, square chest, large legs and a full pin set.


Pressure is no fluke deal, his mother is a can’t miss sow.  Her consistency of generating tall fronted, perfect structured pigs with the right muscle has been accepted, and wanted by many.  Pressure’s mother has produced “Ajax”, a class winning crossbred boar at the 2016 World Pork Expo by Crane Showpigs.  She is the mother the Reserve Heavy Weight commercial gilt at the 2016 Iowa State Fair.  She also produced “Bad Medicine” our $21,000 class winning crossbed boar at the 2016 Fall Classic purchased by Purple Power Boar Stud.  Phenotypically and genotypically……..Pressure was a “no brainer” decision to keep.