Lewis Genetics | Upside
We are located just north of Cedar Rapids, IA, off of I-380. The farm is always open to visitors - give us a call.
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Never Before X Hold the Phone

Upside is out of the 7-7 sow the most consistent barrow producing sow we have had in the last 24 months.

Her littermate barrow was Champion Lightweight at the San Antonio Stock show.  Upsides littermates were 3rd overall Division 1 barrow at the 2019 World Pork Expo, Reserve Middleweight Barrow Nebraska State Fair and the Grand Overall at Lyon County Iowa.  7-7 recently produced the 5th overall gilt at the Nebraska State Fair.

Upsides sire, Never Before, has been dominating shows for the last 18 months.  Upside offers the same proportions and balance as his sire does, but with a sharper look, bigger back and more correct pastern set.  With limited use due to an injury we were fortunate that he generated the Grand at Keokuk County, Reserve Grand Grundy County and the Champion Heavyweight Market Gilt at the 2020 Iowa State Fair.